On the evening of Human Rights Day 2013, the Human Rights Consortium are supporting the following event on the UK Human Rights Act in Westminster:

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The Director of the Human Rights Consortium at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, has signed the following letter that has been published in today’s Daily Telegraph:

Standing firm on the Human Rights Act

Britain’s commitments on Human Rights Day

SIR – Sixty-five years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), we ask political leaders to acknowledge the continued relevance of human rights globally and here at home. As leaders of civil society groups, we see the vital role of human rights in ensuring a fair and healthy democracy, helping us all to live with dignity and respect. Yet while human rights are so often the inspiration for domestic law across the world, they rarely feature in current Westminster rhetoric.

This Human Rights Day, we ask political leaders to ensure that Britain’s recent commitments at the United Nations Human Rights Council to “work tirelessly for the promotion and protection of human rights, both domestically and abroad” are made a reality. We hope that Britain will stand firm on the European Convention on Human Rights and our Human Rights Act. Both of these were inspired by the UDHR and provide vital protection.

Stephen Bowen, Director, British Institute of Human Rights

Professor Francesca Klug, Chair, British Institute of Human Rights

Asif Afridi, Co-Chair, English Regions Equality and Human Rights Network

Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International UK

Amanda Ariss, Chief Executive, Equality and Diversity Forum

Tom Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People

Rob Berkeley, Director, Runnymede Trust

Adrian Berry, Chair, Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association

Keith Best, Chief Executive Officer, Freedom From Torture

Julie Bishop, Director, Law Centres Network

Carol Boys, Chief Executive, Down’s Syndrome Association

Zrinka Bralo, Executive Director, Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum

Paul Breckell, Chief Executive, Action on Hearing Loss

Susan Bryant, Director, Rights Watch UK

Linda Burnip, Co-Founder, Disabled People Against Cuts

Jabeer Butt, Deputy Chief Executive, Race Equality Foundation

Annie Campbell, Director, Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland

Neil Campbell, CEO, Alternative Futures Group

Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary, the Royal College of Nursing

Rita Chadha, Chief Executive Officer, Refugee & Migrant Forum of East London

Shami Chakrabarti, Director, Liberty

Professor Sara Chandler, Chair of the Human Rights Committee, Law Society

Ann Chivers, Chief Executive, BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities)

Karen Chouhan, Chair, Equanomics

Barbara Cohen, Chair Discrimination Law Association

Andrew Copson, Chief Executive British Humanist Association

Martin Coyle, Director, Trust Voice

Sister Colette Cronin, Congregational Leader, Institute of Our Lady of Mercy Sisters of Mercy

Frances Crook, Chief Executive, Howard League for Penal Reform

Lynda Dearlove, Chief Executive, Officer women@thewell

Helen Shaw and Deborah Coles, Co-Directors INQUEST

Tom Doyle, Chief Executive, Yorkshire MESMAC Group of Services

Holly Dustin, Director, End Violence Against Women (EVAW)

Dr Mark Ellis, Executive Director International Bar Association

Pat Elsmie, Director, Migrants’ Rights Scotland,

Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive Officer, National Council of Voluntary Organisations

Ceri Goddard, Chief Executive Officer, Fawcett

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive, Mind

Gary Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Action on Elder Abuse

Don Flynn, Director, Migrants Rights Network

Alison Gelder, Chief Executive, Housing Justice

Penelope Gibbs, Director, Transform Justice

Brian Gormally, Director, CAJ (Committee on the Administration of Justice)

Carolina Gottardo, Director, Latin American Women’s Rights Services

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive Officer, English Community Care Association

Andy Gregg, Chief Executive, ROTA (Race on the Agenda)

Rob Greig, Chief Executive, National Development Team for Inclusion

Paula Hardy, Chief Executive, Welsh Women’s Aid

Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive, Scope

Jeff Hawkins, Chief Executive, Age Connect Wales

Vivienne Hayes, Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Resource Centre

Helena Herklots, Chief Executive, Carers UK

Steve Hynes, Director, Legal Action Group (LAG)

Deborah Jack, Chief Executive, NAT (National Aids Trust)

Vaughan Jones, Chief Executive, Praxis

Joyce Kallevik, National Director, Wish

Des Kelly, Executive Director, National Care Forum

Faiza Khan, Deputy Chief Executive, National Council for Voluntary Youth Services

Abdul Khan, Chief Executive Officer, BECON

Maia Kruger, Coordinator, Songololo Feet

Ratna Lachman, Director, JUST West Yorkshire

Shauneen Lambe, Director, Just for Kids Law

Marai Larasi, Executive Director, Imkaan

Annette Lawson, Chair, NAWO

Annette Lawson, Chair, Judith Trust

Shauna Leven, Director, Rene Cassin

David Mepham, UK Director, Human Rights Watch

Wayne Myslik, Chief Executive, Asylum Aid

Polly Neate, Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Aid

Peter Newell, Coordinator, Children are unbeatable! Alliance

Priscilla Nkwenti, Chief Executive BHA for Equality

Kunle Olulode, Chief Executive Voice4Change England

Naana Otoo-Oyortey, Executive Director, FORWARD

Simon Parkinson, Director for External Relations & Communities Royal Mencap Society

Kath Parson, Chief Executive, Older Peoples Advocacy Alliance

Elizabeth Prochask, Founder, Birthrights

Dr Dimitrina Petrova, Executive Director The Equal Rights Trust

Dave Prentis, General Secretary, UNISON

Habib Rahma, Chief Executive JCWI

Mohammed Razaq, Executive Director West of Scotland Regional Equality Council Ltd

Bridget Robb, Chief Executive Officer British Association of Social Workers

Ewan Roberts, Manager Asylum Link

Paul Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, LGBT Consortium

Sarah Rochira, The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

Revd Roberta Rominger, General Secretary The United Reformed Church

Alexandra Runswick, Director Unlock Democracy

Jago Russell, Chief Executive, Fair Trials International

Eithne Rynne, Chief Executive Officer, London Voluntary Services Council

Caroline Sagar, Chief Executive, n-compass NorthWest

Natalie Samarasinghe, Executive Director, United Nations Association – UK

Liz Sayce, Chief Executive Officer Disability Rights UK

Emma Scott, Director Rights of Women

Damien Short, Director Human Rights Consortium, University of London

Hannana Siddiqui, Coordinator Southall Black Sisters

Samantha Smethers, Chief Executive Grandparents Plus

Carol Storer, Director Legal Aid Practitioners Group

Robert Sutherland, Convener SCOLAG

Andy Thornton, Chief Executive Citizenship Foundation

Paola Uccellari, Director Children’s Rights Alliance for England

Aneeta Prem and Vineeta Thorhill, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Freedom Charity

Debbie Walker, Chief Executive Age UK East London

Paul Ward, Acting Chief Executive Terrance Higgins Trust

Phillip Watson, Chief Executive Manor Gardens Welfare Trust

Chris Whitwell, Director Friends, Families and Travellers

Maurice Wren, Chief Executive, Refugee Council

Patrick Yu, Executive Director Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities

Prof Katja Ziegler, Director, Centre for European Law and Internationalism